Justin Trudeau has said what many Canadians had already figured out – that his government’s record on immigration has led to a “massive spike” that is “far beyond what Canada has been able to absorb.” The Conservatives have yet to provide their own target for immigration, except to say that it needs to be tied to housing, jobs, and healthcare. True North’s Andrew Lawton says Trudeau’s flip flop is no accident.

Also, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith calls the federal government’s failure to confiscate a single gun four years after announcing its “buyback” program a great success for Albertans and gun owners. Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights CEO Rod Giltaca joins the show to weigh in.

Plus, Canadian soldiers have been relying on food banks with increasing frequency – prompting questions about whose who put on a uniform to serve Canada are treated by their country. Veteran and author Tom Marazzo weighs in.



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